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I am originally from India but I am living here in Melbourne, Australia for past 6 months. I love this city, clean, quiet and beautiful graffiti on the walls everywhere. I started my university with so many other foreign students, all from different lands and countries. It was the best experience of my life till current date, to live on my own.


One of the things which you miss most when you live abroad is the food of your country. Yes it’s very exciting to live at a brand new place, in a completely new environment, meeting and knowing new people every day. But from the day one, I started missing the food of my hometown because no matter how hard you try, there is no taste like the food of your motherland. That was the thing I observed all of us was experiencing.

We all miss the food which we had while growing up. I have friends here who are from Pakistan as well. Together, when we start discussing our traditional food from sub-continent, it makes all of us drool. India and Pakistan is the hub of mouth-watery food. Our people not only eat it, but they celebrate food, they literally have feelings for some of the dishes like Pani-Puri, Biryaani, Curry and other traditional foods.

It’s not like we don’t like to taste other foods, I think everybody loves to eat variety of foods so do we. However, there are some local restaurants who are serving Asian food but they were too far from my apartment. When I came here, I searched for some portal that can satisfy me in my food cravings and I found this website named, Menulog. It covers entire range of regional food chain and has everything which I needed for my appetite. Plus they demand very reasonable prices and most of the time offer special discount on Menulog coupon codes with all best brands categories. There are many things which I love about this service but mostly their delivery process.

I am satisfied that I will be getting the best food, at the best price through Menulog discount codes within the time margin. From here, I can order instantly or save it for the later. We all friends use this store like our social media accounts and their services never failed us. Their partner restaurants are very efficient as well. They help us feed good quality and wonderful food in the easiest ways possible.

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